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    Picture of Back Chat

    Back Chat

    R 130.00
    Answering Christianity's Critics
    Picture of On Guard For Students

    On Guard For Students

    R 170.00
    A Thinker's Guide to the Christian Faith
    Picture of Is Jesus History?

    Is Jesus History?

    R 130.00
    Picture of Am I Just My Brain?

    Am I Just My Brain?

    R 155.00
    Picture of Christian Reflections

    Christian Reflections

    R 260.00
    Defending the Faith
    Picture of 2084: Artificial Intelligence (Hardcover)

    2084: Artificial Intelligence (Hardcover)

    R 245.00
    Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Humanity
    Picture of Anyone For Heaven?

    Anyone For Heaven?

    R 70.00
    Picture of Jesus: Dead Or Alive?

    Jesus: Dead Or Alive?

    R 70.00
    Picture of Evolution: Fact or Fiction?

    Evolution: Fact or Fiction?

    R 70.00
    Picture of Can We Be Good Without God?

    Can We Be Good Without God?

    R 75.00
    Picture of Christian Apologetics 2nd Edition

    Christian Apologetics 2nd Edition

    R 1 060.00
    A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith
    Picture of Can Science Explain Everything?

    Can Science Explain Everything?

    R 145.00
    Picture of The Harvest Handbook of Apologetics

    The Harvest Handbook of Apologetics

    R 250.00
    Picture of Evidence For The Christian Faith

    Evidence For The Christian Faith

    R 160.00
    Or why you don't have to throw your mind away...
    Picture of If God Then What?

    If God Then What?

    R 130.00
    Wondering Aloud About Truth, Origins And Redemption
    Picture of Ultimate Questions (NIV)

    Ultimate Questions (NIV)

    R 20.00
    Updated Edition
    Picture of Evidence That Demands A Verdict

    Evidence That Demands A Verdict

    R 999.00
    Life-changing truth for a skeptical world
    Picture of Making Sense Of God

    Making Sense Of God

    R 275.00
    An Invitation to the Sceptical
    Picture of Searching For Noah's Ark

    Searching For Noah's Ark

    R 120.00
    Picture of Basic Christianity

    Basic Christianity

    R 255.00
    Picture of The Reason For God

    The Reason For God

    R 305.00
    Belief in an Age of Scepticism
    Picture of Mere Christianity

    Mere Christianity

    R 270.00
    The beloved classic on Christian Belief


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