Flyte: Heaven, Change, Family (Leader Kit, Volume 1)

Flyte: Heaven, Change, Family (Leader Kit, Volume 1)

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Finally! A curriculum preteens can call their own. If you ask them, preteens will tell you they re
not in between anything. They do not need a sophisticized children s curriculum, nor do they
need a simplified teen curriculum. FLYTE is a curriculum that s all theirs, one that speaks to what they are dealing with right now not what s past or in their future.

Preteen experts namely preteens themselves weighed in on the energy, movement, and
excitement of FLYTE during its development so that key biblical concepts are not only grasped,
but applied to issues like eating disorders, puberty, sex, bullying, emotions, family relationships,
and more.

FLYTE encourages preteens to come up with answers to some of the most difficult situations
they may face. Guided Bible study pages keep preteens interacting with Scripture as they learn
how God s view and the world s view of a particular subject is not the same. Situational studies
enable preteens to identify with concepts and scripturally based activities keep them interacting
with the world around them. Order one per student and extra for visitors. (13 sessions)

Each Leader Kit contains:
* Leader Guide
* Learner Magazine
* DVD with videos for each session, plus bumper videos
* CD-ROM with teacher helps, fellowship ideas, and more

Each Leader Guide contains:
* 13 session plans
* Personal Bible study for leaders
* Tips for leading preteens
* Fellowship ideas
  • Title: Flyte: Heaven, Change, Family (Leader Kit, Volume 1)
  • Author: Mark Browning; Cindy Leach; Sarah Underhill
  • Publishing House: Lifeway
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Country of Origin:  United States
  • Format:  Leader Kit
  • Dimensions 240 x 185 x 13mm (L x W x H)
  • Readership: 10 - 13 years
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